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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Rollin' Race

If I were you I would pretend to fill you,
gimme the clue for pay for save your secret,
for keep secure your soul and my neighbor.
Had she sinned by your dreaming gone wrong?
Had we learned about vowing no more?
Well see that monster in your scar.
Now, go for a shinning light to feel white,
Now go for a nowhere place,
Now, don't pretend to stay tight.
Now, just now, we are eight!
Enter in my own space,
end my rollin' race!
It was the time for my shame,
any clue was given by a female.
I'm recording my temptation,
for lose my view as a quake.
Now, you're my boom-shake,
Now I'm looking forward,
to see Liberty between my arms.
Enter in my own space,
end my rollin' race!
So, dear neighbours,
It was a little of my new shining fame,
i'm workin on my frame,
i'm working on it. I sware.
It seems like a brand new
it seems a new memorable date

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